Equity Matters to Convergence

Formed in 2007, the Partnership developed its roots by championing policies and systems to promote healthy eating and active living and address associated health inequities. Highly responsive to changing community, political, and economic contexts, the Partnership’s work evolved as new strategic opportunities emerged.

For Convergence Partnership the link between health and racial equity is inextricable, and philanthropy needs to better address the role power plays in the structures that create health inequities. Therefore, the Partnership is sharpening its focus on equity to explicitly advance racial and health equity through three critical pathways:

  1. Amplifying community power to elevate the voices, agency, and wisdom of those most impacted to define and lead policy and systems change toward racial and health equity.
  2. Transforming narratives to speak to the aspirations and values that unite all people; reflect full and accurate representations of diverse populations, and drive change in pursuit of racial and health equity.
  3. Building institutional capacity of public and private sector funders and health systems to invest and advance racial and health equity.

Those at the Convergence table believe that with all that philanthropy has done, it can still do better. The Partnership is seeing, as is the country, that equity and justice movements are ‘upping the ante’ in vision, tactics, and demands. The Partnership believes it can, and must, step up in meeting these demands to address racial and health inequities and transform established systems of power. So how and where can the Partnership have a deeper impact on racial and health equity? What does it mean for the Partnership to share and amplify power? What does the next decade for the Partnership look like? How can the Partnership organize and structure itself to authentically manifest its values in practice? These questions — and more — are central for defining the future of the Partnership.