Vision and Mission


The vision of the Convergence Partnership is Healthy People, Healthy Places: a nation where every community fosters health, prosperity, and well-being for all. 

The Partnership believes it will achieve its big vision through three critical changes in communities:

  1. Improved access to quality services and systems, such as affordable transit and healthy food, safe parks and active recreation, and other infrastructure and resources that allow all to thrive
  2. Greater equity that promotes community assets and creates economic opportunities for low-income people and people of color
  3. Diverse leadership representative of low-income communities and communities of color, shaping solutions at the local, state, and federal levels


The Partnership aims to fulfill its vision by promoting:

  • equity as the means to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate and prosper,
  • policies and practices that create conditions that sustain healthy people and healthy places, and
  • connections among people across multiple fields and sectors that catalyze and accelerate the work.