The Art And Science Of Evaluation: Sound Methods For Assessing Policy And Environmental Change


The majority of efforts to improve health focus on healthcare and programmatic and educational strategies. Yet, environmental and policy changes can create long-term sustainable opportunities for health. In the past several years, advocates from multiple fields across the country are implementing innovative projects to foster policy and environmental changes that help create healthy places where families and children can lead healthier lives. These strategies are fairly new, so how do we know if they are working? Ongoing tracking, measurement, and assessment can provide short-term feedback to guide and improve existing efforts. Evaluation can also help to identify effective strategies and tools for sustained use over the long term. In this webinar, panelists will discuss techniques for effectively evaluating policy and environmental change efforts to create healthy people in healthy places. It will also touch on strategy evaluation to promote equity and multi-field partnerships. Panelists will draw on specific evaluation examples and discuss challenges and lessons learned.

Featured Speakers: