Utilizing Environmental And Policy Change Strategies


People thrive when they earn living wages and live in communities with parks and playgrounds, grocery stores selling nutritious food, and neighbors who know one another. Without a healthy environment, people are more likely to suffer from obesity or one of the many chronic diseases plaguing the United States: diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. Preventing disease and creating healthy neighborhoods requires change. Advocates from various fields are beginning to see how their work can enhance progress in other fields, and how their efforts can foster policy and environmental changes that help families and children lead healthier lives. In this webinar, we explored what it means to implement environmental and policy change strategies. Each panelists discussed innovative strategies they are implementing to create healthy communities. They touched on the successes and challenges to such efforts, and offered lessons learned.

Featured Speakers:

  • Loel Solomon, Community Health Initiatives, Kaiser Permanente (powerpoint)
  • Rajiv Bhatai, San Francisco Department of Public Health (powerpoint)
  • Yael Lehmann, The Food Trust (powerpoint)