2020 Covid Response Grants

The Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the frailty and dysfunctionality of our nation's systems as communities of color, indigenous and immigrant populations, and low-income frontline workers bear the brunt of its impact. This crisis has shined an even brighter light on the realities of historically rooted structural racism, health inequities, and power imbalances. 

As billions of dollars in public and private funding were being directed towards much-needed emergency relief efforts, there remained significant opportunities to ensure that the longer-term recovery and rebuilding process is anchored in racial and health equity. The Partnership chose to invest in organizing and advocacy capacity and narrative efforts in service of a just and equitable recovery. These investments served as the springboard for one of our three catalytic strategies, amplifying community power to drive long-term structural change.

With support from Convergence Partnership, Working Narratives is providing storytelling and messaging support to the Covid response grantees on narrative disruption efforts and working to ensure that community voices and stories are amplified through Convergence Partnership national platform.