2020 Covid Response Grants - Buffalo, NY

Grantee Organizations: Community Network for Education, Connection and Transformation; Partnership for the Public Good; People United for Sustainable Housing

Community Network for Education, Connection and Transformation (CoNECT) provides education, networking, and support to ensure all people and communities have the resources and power they need to realize their full potential for health and well-being, with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity. CoNECT was formed by a group of frontline workers in healthcare, public health, and community-based organizations alongside the communities they serve. Together they work to empower community members to define their own challenges and opportunities and take action to self-determine their future, in the areas of healthcare, public health, housing, education, environment, food access, and social services.

With support from Convergence Partnership, CoNECT is organizing community health workers to give voice to vulnerable people impacted by COVID-19 and empowering them to design and implement their own ideas for recovery and justice.

Partnership for the Public Good (PPG) is a community-based think tank that builds a more just, sustainable, and culturally vibrant Buffalo-Niagara region through action-oriented research, policy development, and citizen engagement. PPG’s strength lies in its membership of 305 partners from a wide range of organizations, including block clubs, service providers, environmental groups, museums, faith groups, businesses, and philanthropy. These partners propose and vote on an annual policy agenda for which they advocate with decisionmakers and elected officials.

With support from Convergence Partnership, PPG is developing a 'Just Recovery' policy agenda based on recommendations by the community. This agenda includes policy changes related to underlying conditions causing both health inequities and racial injustices. PPG is supporting residents in advocating on behalf of themselves and their communities and amplifying their message to funders.

People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo) mobilizes residents to create strong neighborhoods with quality, affordable housing; to expand local hiring opportunities; and to advance economic and environmental justice in Buffalo. PUSH’s members are the community organizers who make affordable housing a reality in Buffalo. PUSH members work with partners and funders to create a healthy, just, and strong city that includes community control of resources, living wage jobs and access to quality education, healthcare, and transportation.

With support from Convergence Partnership, PUSH is engaging its members and organizing additional residents to play an active role in developing and advocating for policy change in the 'Just Recovery' agenda.