Investments in Narrative Transformation

In 2021, Working Narratives collaborated with teams of local audio producers, grassroots grantees, and their community partners, and media artists to produce the Convergence Partnership Podcast series. Each episode serves as a final grant report for the Partnership’s 2020 COVID response grants. The Convergence Partnership podcast series introduces you to some of the people and organizations who are building social, political, and economic power in the San Joaquin Valley in California; Kansas City, Missouri; Louisiana; Chicago; and Buffalo, New York.

Convergence Partnership’s narrative strategy partner, Working Narratives is a national narrative lab and social justice organization dedicated to challenging injustice by empowering communities to address issues that affect their lives. Working Narratives is made up of narrative and story strategists, artists, and community organizers dedicated to advancing social justice and equity. They work with grassroots groups, nonprofits, foundations, and communities to change the story on the most enduring social justice challenges of our time.

Podcast Series