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As More Foundations Seek to Influence Public Perceptions, New Approaches Abound



Avrell Stokes - BeGreat Together, in Kansas City, Missouri

In September 2022, the Convergence Partnership released the first-ever report to focus exclusively on the funding of narrative change, Funding Narrative Change, An Assessment and Framework.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy covered the report, and spotlighted BeGreat Together, a nonprofit in Kansas City that was created with the belief that many of the most influential changemakers are in our own communities and neighborhoods. BeGreat Together is leading powerful narrative change efforts through storytelling and documentaries, with their DocuCourse materials reaching audiences on topics of race and health equity.

The article shares BeGreat Together’s community-rooted narrative work, explores the nuances of foundations exploring and funding narrative efforts, and how narrative has shifted through racial justice efforts in the last few years including insights from report co-author Rinku Sen.

Read the full article with subscription at Chronicle of Philanthropy.