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We're excited to share Convergence Partnership's Theory of Change—a roadmap guiding our journey towards health equity and racial justice. Rooted in our 2020 strategy shift, this vision places our work at the nexus point of racial justice and health equity and has shaped our collective efforts over the past three years. This Theory of Change underscores our collective aspirations and serves as a reminder of the transformative power we wield together.
We are coming to the end of another year, one that was filled with heartache, loss, frustration, exhaustion, and pain. And at the same time, there is hope witnessing and experiencing the deep solidarity and collective strength of communities coming together. Read more from Executive Director Amanda Navarro, on Convergence's year and commitments to a future where the resources and influence of philanthropy are fully aligned to the priorities of people at the frontlines of injustice.
Breaking down barriers to political and civic engagement is an integral part of building long-term community power. Our grantees, Destination Innovation, The Community / La Comunidad, and Omni Circle Group, are showing up for their communities by investing in young people’s leadership, making government services more accessible, and demystifying the political process. Part three in “Powerful Ripples of Change,” blog series.
In this second post in our Powerful Ripples of Change series, we are spotlighting the intersectional work of climate justice and resilience efforts and health equity. As the ongoing climate crisis worsens, Black and Brown communities are often forced to bear the burdens of extreme weather and natural disasters. Our grantees, Grand Caillou/Dulac Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw (GCDBBCC), United Houma Nation (LA), and Heart of the City Neighborhoods are not just stepping up to help their communities recover and heal from these crises, but building organizational infrastructure that can support their communities in the long-term.
Three years ago, Convergence Partnership shifted our funding strategies to focus on the intersections of racial justice and health equity. We are now celebrating nearly $3 million in grants to 12 frontline, people of color led and staffed organizations that are growing civic, economic, and narrative power. We are marking this milestone in a series of blog posts, “Powerful Ripples of Change,” that spotlights these organizations, their accomplishments, and the powerful work they have underway.
At the turn of a new year, we often think about having a fresh start. Executive Director Amanda Navarro shares what is ahead in 2023 for Convergence Partnership, embracing the opportunity and responsibility to remain committed to partners on the frontlines, and not to backslide to philanthropy's old habits.
National funder collaborative announces staff and fiscal home transition to NEO Philanthropy, stepping into its new strategic direction to support racial justice and health equity.
Convergence Partnership hosted a webinar in October 2022 for funders of narrative change to engage more deeply with the Funding Narrative Change report’s findings and authors.
Convergence Partnership hosted a webinar in October 2022 for narrative change practitioners to engage more deeply with the Funding Narrative Change report’s findings and authors.
In September 2022, the Convergence Partnership released the first-ever report to focus exclusively on the funding of narrative change, Funding Narrative Change, An Assessment and Framework. The new report was written by two leading experts in the field, Rinku Sen, executive director of Narrative Initiative, and Mik Moore, principal and founder of Moore + Associates.