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Unveiling Our Theory of Change: Convergence Partnership’s Vision for Racial Justice & Health Equity



We’re excited to share Convergence Partnership’s Theory of Change—a roadmap guiding our journey towards racial justice and health equity. Rooted in our 2020 strategy shift, this vision places our work at the nexus point of racial justice and health equity and has shaped our collective efforts over the past three years.

This Theory of Change underscores our collective aspirations and serves as a reminder of the transformative power we wield together.

Sharing this Theory of Change isn’t just about reflection—it’s a touchstone, grounding us in our shared vision during our daily efforts. It’s both a testament to the incredible work we’re doing together and the potential of what is ahead.


Convergence Partnership - Theory of Change
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📍A Place-Based Approach to Strengthen Democracy

In an election year, it is important that we make it crystal clear how this all adds up to supporting a truly democratic society. This is a place-based theory of change. We see this as critical for democracy, to elevate and ensure not only representation but that communities of color have durable power to design, influence and lead the decision making and solutions in their lives and communities. Our approach isn’t just about making waves; it’s about nurturing local currents that ripple outwards.

🔄 Adapting & Growing

Our journey hasn’t been linear, and that’s okay. Our path has had its twists and turns, but each step has been a lesson. We embraced this learning. We’ve learned, listened, and adapted along the way, launching regional grants in April 2021 to better align with our evolving vision of racial justice and health equity. Launching regional grants last April to better reflect our evolving commitment to racial justice and health equity.

☕ Building Authentic Relationships

Building trust isn’t a box to tick; it’s a journey we’re on every day, nurtured through consistent, genuine connection with partners. We’re committed to building relationships with grantees, understanding that mutual trust is the cornerstone of meaningful collaboration. We’re deeply committed to nurturing genuine relationships with nonprofits we support, understanding that trust is at the heart of meaningful impact.

🌱 A Different Approach to Philanthropy

In the world of philanthropy, it’s often the norm for foundations to set a clear agenda, leading with a top-down approach that prescribes solutions to organizations. At Convergence Partnership, we’ve chosen a different path—one where we humbly acknowledge that the expertise, insights, and lived experiences of community organizations hold the answers. It’s not about having all the answers ourselves; it’s about listening, learning, and amplifying the voices that truly understand the needs of their communities. This approach has been both enlightening and humbling, reminding us daily of the immense power and wisdom within the communities we serve.

🔍 An Evolving Compass

This Theory of Change isn’t set in stone; it’s a living, breathing document that will continue by our experiences and partnerships. Our Theory of Change is dynamic—it grows, adapts, and evolves with us. As community priorities shift, so will our approach. We’re here to listen, adapt, and ensure our work remains rooted in real-world impact. We are dedicated to being responsive, adaptable, and ensuring our work has tangible, lasting effects.

We invite you to dive into our Theory of Change, explore its nuances, and join us in the journey towards a more equitable future. Together, we are not merely envisioning change; we are actively forging it.