Equity and Power

The Convergence Partnership holds racial justice and health equity at the center of all of our work. Health equity means that everyone is able to reach their full health and wellbeing potential. Racial justice is achieved when people of all races are treated just and fairly resulting in equitable opportunities and outcomes for everyone. Convergence Partnership recognizes that it is not possible to achieve health equity without directly taking action to advance racial justice to eliminate the structural racism that perpetuates inequality for Black, Indigenous, and people of color. 

Structural racism plays two central roles in health: the stress of racism itself making people physically and mentally vulnerable, and excluding people from opportunity. For generations Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color have been impacted by public policies that have often systematically blocked opportunity and political and economic power while opening opportunities for White people. The Convergence Partnership recognizes how these political choices have negatively affected the nation’s health and the fundamental role that government policies play in shaping the distribution of power and resources.

To advance racial justice and health equity we must also consider the role of power — political, narrative, and economic — in shaping the conditions for health. Wielding power by exercising voice and agency allows communities to act and lead change that can directly shape health and wellbeing outcomes.  Building community power—and addressing current imbalances and inequities in power — is therefore a critical process in achieving the conditions necessary for health. This means that we must step up as funders in meeting the demands of equity and justice movements to transform established systems of power. The Partnership is committed to deepening our impact on racial justice and health equity by investing in and amplifying the power of communities and transforming established systems of power.