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Season 1, Episode 1: Getting Everyone Onboard with Equitable Transit in Chicago

Cover image: Getting Everyone Onboard with Equitable Transit in Chicago

Season 1, Episode 1: In this episode, local audio producer Joey Lieberman visits the Washington Heights and Logan Square neighborhoods with two community leaders who work on equitable transit-oriented development. We learn how Elevated Chicago and their partners are working together to create walkable and equitable communities in the face of displacement from gentrification. In the second segment, Kendra Freeman, a vice-president with the Metropolitan Planning Council, hosts Juan Sebastián Arias, Deputy Director of Policy Mayor’s Office, and Ghian Foreman, president, and CEO of the Emerald South Economic Development Collaborative. This episode is hosted by Justice Gatson, a Kansas City based organizer, who organizes intersectional movements that uplift the voices of the most marginalized groups.

Lifting Up Community in Chicago

In Chicago, a network of neighborhood groups is challenging the combined forces of neglect and gentrification pressuring Black and Brown communities to leave valuable neighborhoods near transit hubs.