Kansas City, MO

2021 Regional Investments

Grantee Organization: BeGreat Together

With support from Convergence Partnership, BeGreat Together will develop films with positive narratives around institutional and community approaches to addressing historic inequities and provide qualitative and quantitative data insights around historic, economic, and societal impacts of structural inequalities on BIPOC residents. BeGreat Together will also host opportunities for local communities to build power by shaping narrative stories, deepening their knowledge of structural inequalities that impact them, as well as opportunities for them to support local leaders and take part in actionable local change.

BeGreat Together

BeGreat Together was created with the belief that many of the most influential changemakers are in their own communities and neighborhoods. BeGreat Together seeks to elevate effective Black-led and Latino-led community endeavors by uplifting existing local changemakers and investing in future leaders within the public school system.  Ultimately, BeGreat Together promotes and builds positive cultural movements benefitting the whole of society.

2020 Covid Response Grants

Grantee Organization: Alive and Well Communities

With support from Convergence Partnership, Alive and Well Communities (AWC) took on several activities to build grassroots power in Black and Brown community in Kansas City. They created a coalition of organizations and individuals advocating for policies that prioritize Black and Brown residents of the Kansas City area, and also developed resource allocation guidance for local policymakers for an equitable Covid response and recovery while amplifying stories from Black and Brown residents about the trauma and impact of Covid-19. AWC also provided policy trainings to community members, which included a series of five virtual discussions and town halls to build deeper alliances across Black and Latinx community groups, laying the groundwork for coordination and solidarity in policy and legislative advocacy efforts going forward; as well as a two-week policy and legislative advocacy training in which residents developed the Kansas City People’s Agenda and prepared for budget hearings and testimony with both a municipal and state-level focus.  

Alive and Well Communities (AWC)

Alive and Well Communities (AWC) is a nonprofit organization, based in Missouri, focused on activating communities in Missouri, Kansas and Illinois to address the trauma experienced by their residents. AWC is dedicated to shifting cultures and systems and helping people develop pathways to healing, well-being and equity.