Narrative Transformation

Narrative change is a strategy aimed at countering the dominant discourse and framing of a particular issue, especially during a time when those are primarily ones of prejudice, exclusion, and othering. The Partnership is committed to working with funders and grassroots leaders to transform dangerous racialized narratives by putting forth an aspirational view of equity; a point of view that is inclusive of everyone and catalyzes action towards opportunity for all. The Partnership is also committed to strengthening the capacity of our partners to engage in impactful storytelling. Storytelling as part of a broader narrative change strategy will be a key priority in bringing the work of the Partnership to life, telling not only the story of the Partnership’s impact at the national, regional, and local levels, but also lifting up innovative models that are advancing equitable policy and systems change. 

The Partnership will work to transform harmful narratives and shift public discourse by amplifying community voices and using the Partnership’s collective voice to advance a national narrative centering racial justice and health equity through the following:  

  • Support and elevate grassroots storytelling;
  • Shape and expand a national narrative that shifts the paradigm to health, democracy, and a just recovery; and
  • Invest in community journalism and local media infrastructure.

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